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News And Resources

News And Resources


Why So Many Experts Over-Promised on the Arrival of Autonomous Driving

New Wayne State lab uses autonomous vehicle tech to develop innovative computing solutions

This Company Says You Can Design Your Own Autonomous Vehicle

UC Irvine Grad Works to Make Self Driving Car Under US $10,000

Perceptin’s Under-$10K Self-Driving Vehicle


Books, Papers, and Articles

Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems (Synthesis Lectures on Computer Science)

Creating autonomous vehicle systems Understanding AV technologies and how to integrate them

PIRT: A Runtime Framework to Enable Energy-Efficient Real-Time Robotic Applications on Heterogeneous Architectures

FPGA-based ORB feature extraction for real-time visual SLAM

A Unified Cloud Platform for Autonomous Driving

Enabling Deep Learning on IoT Devices

Computer Architectures for Autonomous Driving

Build your own autonomous vehicles with DragonFly technologies

Teaching Autonomous Driving Using a Modular and Integrated Approach

CAVBench: A Benchmark Suite for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Proxemic group behaviors using reciprocal multi-agent navigation

Efficient Penetration Depth Computation Between Rigid Models Using Contact Space Propagation Sampling

Talks and Demos

DragonFly+: An FPGA-based quad-camera visual SLAM system for autonomous vehicles

Enabling Affordable but Reliable Autonomous Driving

The Road to Affordable AI Capable Product

Powering Robotics Clouds

Enabling Computer-Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicles

Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems

PerceptIn DragonFly Pod at UC Irvine Campus (Simulation)




The PArallel Systems & Computer Architecture Lab (PASCAL)

The Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Engineering Lab (CAMEL)

The CAR Lab

Security of Autonomous Vehicle System Lab

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